Used Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Clarkston, MI

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Our Used Commercial Vehicles Are Ready for Hard Work near Macomb MI

If you're looking for your next commercial vehicle and hoping to find one at an affordable price that meets all your needs, we have the perfect solution.  At Bowman Commercial, we carry Chevrolet and Isuzu's full commercial vehicle lineup that's top quality at a price you just can't beat.  We maintain a broad array of used vehicles that provide quality performance and safety when you're on the roads of Clarkston.

If you decide to get a used commercial vehicle, you won't be disappointed.  Whether you need a box truck, stake bed, or refrigerated unit, we will work to provide you with a reliable and fit vehicle that can handle the job.  Between our trucks and vans, your work will get done smoothly.

Used Chevrolet Trucks

Deciding on a Chevrolet truck is an exciting time to learn all about the possibilities you can embark on around Lansing and Novi.  Whether you prefer the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or the Chevrolet Colorado, you can expect reliable and durable trucks that will last a long time.

There's never any task too big that a Chevrolet truck can't handle.  With impressive fuel efficiency, plenty of room for passengers and cargo and available diesel towing, these trucks are perfect for any size project.

Every part of our Chevrolet inventory was designed with a purpose.  Our trucks are built to get things done and perform seamlessly for all your needs, whether they mean business or a fun adventure.

Used Chevrolet Vans

A strong foundation is at the heart of every Chevrolet van proven with a full-frame design, powerful engine and plenty of cargo room.  Between the Chevrolet Express Cargo and Chevrolet Express Passenger, you can personalize the exterior and interior to accommodate all your business needs.

You'll love these vans flexibility with the standard rear swing-out doors and hinged cargo doors and available sliding side cargo door to fit everything you need.  The Express Cargo Van includes equipment packages you can get to store your work gear no matter what size.

Whether you're a plumber driving into Detroit or an electrician driving to a company in Waterford, these commercial vehicles can provide space for any business to help you be successful.  If you want to use your van for luxury instead, you can turn the Express Passenger Van into a place to live and leave Michigan to travel either coast.  The possibilities are endless when you rely on a Chevrolet commercial vehicle.

Used Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu trucks are packed with features you can rely on to improve your comfort, convenience, and safety.  These trucks meet your business and driving needs to provide you with a comfortable and smooth ride while possibly undergoing a stressful job.

The Isuzu NPR Gas model has excellent strength to carry bodies ranging from 10 to 20 ft. and have a GVWR up to 14,500lbs.  The payload reaches up to 6,500-7,000 pounds making it easy to carry around hefty cargo when you need it most.  Not only can these models accomplish hard working jobs, but they are also designed to make sure you do it safely.

With Isuzu's Hexapod-designed cab it provides greater visibility than conventional cabs.  These massive models can be easy to drive with a great view and maneuverability that offer an exceptional driving experience.  There's a spacious interior and space for storage behind the seats.  The inside also includes ground clearance mirror and overhead console.

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When you decide on a used commercial vehicle that is the perfect fit for you, you'll be more than ready to set on any task.  We can help you find exactly what you're looking for when you come down for a test drive today.  Make sure to always come back to our service and parts department to make sure your vehicle is well maintained.  We look forward to meeting you.