New Chevrolet 4500 Work Trucks For Sale in Clarkston MI

Bowman Auto Center Features the New Chevy 4500

Michiganders who toil in the trades have serious, hard-earned requirements when it comes to transportation. Throughout Clarkston, Detroit, Lansing, Waterford, Macomb and Novi, there are jobs and job sites incompatible with certain vehicles.

Durability, cargo space and crew housing are top features for any contractor looking to complete jobs on time. One of the mainstays for those of us with calloused hands is the Chevy 4500, found in stock at Bowman Auto Center's Clarkston, MI, area dealership.

Why the Chevy 4500?

Work crews and contractors deserve a vehicle that will perform. However, with unmitigated performance, there's a need for versatility and a truck that meets the needs of your profession. The Chevrolet 4500 offers different cab choices and designs, and can be upfitted as a chassis cab to meet the specialized needs of your work. Plus, it gives you the highest grade of capability for towing equipment and supplies to the job site.

At Bowman Auto Center, there are three variations of the Chevy 4500:

4500 Gas

  • 6.0L, V8 engine, six gears and horsepower worth a 297 rating, torque of 372
  • 81.3 inches in width without mirrors, 91.1 inches in height, overall length between 200.5 and 267.5 inches - cab dependent
  • Single maintenance-free battery, 750 cold-cranking amps

4500 HD / 4500 XD

  • 5.2L, I-4 engine, diesel-powered six gears, 215 hp, torque of 452
  • Width of 81.3 inches without mirrors, height between 90.8 and 92.4 inches, cab-dependent length from 200.5 to 267.5 inches
  • Dual maintenance-free batteries, 750 cold-cranking amps

Standard features comprise four-wheel anti-lock brakes, 30-gallon fuel tank, cruise control, USB port, wireless technology, and assist steps.

Purchase or Lease From Bowman Auto Center

Whatever your needs in a new Chevy 4500, our friendly sales and finance associates will guide you to the right choice. As our motto states, we are with you every mile, so visit our Clarkston, MI, area dealership to help satisfy business demands.

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