No matter what type of driving you do, it's important to have the right tires on your car. That includes winter tires! Not all types are created equal, so this blog post will help walk you through the different options and give you some tips for choosing the best ones.

1. How do I know when I need winter tires? When is it necessary to use winter tires instead of all-seasons?

Winter tires are definitely recommended for areas that experience harsh winter weather, but they can also be beneficial in some milder climates. In most places, the best time to consider using them is from December through March - when temperatures drop below 7° Celsius/45° Fahrenheit (assuming no significant snowfall). Of course, if you travel to a colder area or plan to drive through a snowstorm, it would be wise to invest in winter tires.

2. What are the different types of winter tires?

There's no one type of tire that's ideal for all conditions- there are a variety of options for specific weather and road conditions. The most common include: studded, studless, all-weather tires, snows and winter radials.


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