Here in at our dealership in Clarkston we know that drivers take pride in the appearance of their vehicles. Bowman Commercial recommends car wax to protect your vehicles finish, and here are some important things to know.

Most car wax products are made from carnauba or palm. These natural substances are then mixed with oils and solvents to create a protectant. There are also some synthetic waxes available, but most detailers seem to prefer natural products. Car wax is firm, but it becomes soft as it is worked into the finish of your vehicle.

Using car wax on a regular basis can help prevent a build-up of road grime, dirt, and debris. It is also useful in displacing water and preventing water spots. Some car wax is also able to offer limited protection against harmful UV rays that can fade a car finish over time. Your car will look better and be easier to clean when you wax on a regular basis.


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