Wheel alignment, also known as tracking or breaking, is standard automobile maintenance. It consists of adjusting the angles of a car wheel according to the manufacturer's requirements and specifications.

 The purpose of wheel alignments is to reduce wear and tear and ensure your vehicle is straight and stable. The main reason why vehicles require an alignment is the possibility of wheel damage. It could happen when they hit large potholes, curbs, and any other hurdles on the roads.

Types of wheel alignments

Front-end alignment

This type of alignment makes adjustments on the front axle of the vehicle. It's a necessary procedure, but it is only recommended for the old vehicle models.

Thrust Alignment
It is a combination of front-end and thrust alignment to ensure all the car's four-wheel are aligned and equally square.

All-wheel alignment

It's a comprehensive type of alignment that combines the front-end and the thrust type of alignments. It also positions the rear axle position. All-wheel alignment is for the four-wheel-drive vehicles and front-wheel vehicles that have adjustable and independent rear suspensions.


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