Despite the belief that it’s the battery that gives your car power, the alternator is actually the powerhouse for your car. Although your battery gives your care the electricity needed to start the car, it’s the alternator that generators power and sends it to the battery. Many drivers mistakenly buy a new battery when it’s actually the alternator that needs replacing. Come to Bowman Commercial to get your alternator and battery-related questions answered.

Here are some signs your alternator may need replacing.
• The vehicle dies shortly after charging your battery.
• Dashboard warning lights indicate alternator is bad.
• Vehicle makes a grinding sound.
• Vehicle has a smell of something burning.
• Headlights and interior lights are dim or flickering.

If your vehicle is having problems starting or is stalling on the road, it might be time to have it inspected. Stop at our shop in Clarkston and allow us to service your vehicle to prevent any roadside breakdowns.


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