How Does Windshield Repair Work?

Don't ignore a seemingly small chip in a windshield. The crack could expand and make the vehicle unsafe to drive. An extended chip usually means a full windshield replacement is unavoidable. Relying on insurance or warranties to cover the loss might lead to disappointments, too. Turning to windshield chip repair work may provide the perfect solution.

Windshield chip repair follows a two-step process. Special tool technology first forces air out of the chip, and then the fills the chip with resin. The resin soon hardens as it cures. Once the curing completes, the annoying chip no longer exists.

The windshield won't look perfect even with the repair job. A blemish is unavoidable. Some windshields may even show scarring if a lot of repair work was necessary. The filler can't 100% prevent the filled crack from worsening under stress.

Look into windshield repair or replacement work at our service department. The team of mechanics at Bowman Commercial can help with windshield jobs and other repairs.


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