Misconceptions about motor oil abound. At Bowman Commercial, we want to help Clarkston drivers identify common motor oil myths and unlearn them. After all, when you have the right information about your car's maintenance needs, you can make timely and informed decisions.

Different Vehicles Have Different Oil Change Schedules

Most drivers believe that oil changes should always be performed every 3,000 miles. In truth, however, some cars only need to have this service performed once every 7,000 miles. Fortunately, determining the right schedule for this service isn't rocket science. You simply need to refer to your owner's manual to learn the perfect schedule for keeping your vehicle and its engine in optimum condition.

Every Road Trip Requires An Oil Change

Before you put your car on the road for a long and challenging trip, you may be tempted to give it an oil change. The best way to get your car ready to cover lots of miles, however, is by having it fully and professionally serviced on a regular schedule. Oil changes are only an essential pre-trip service when they're actually due. For comprehensive auto servicing from professionals you can trust, come by Bowman Commercial today.


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