Let this blog post from us at Bowman Commercial remind you that your vehicle needs periodic alignment adjustments. This service can improve your drives' smoothness, and it can help your tires' treads last longer.

We use an alignment tester to evaluate your tires, wheels and related components. It provides key measurements like toe, camber and caster. Toe is simply where a tire points when your steering wheel is straight. We want neutral, straight readouts, but we sometimes see tires that point right or left. Camber deals with tires leaning in or out when viewed from above. Obviously, we want our tires to stand perfectly vertical. Caster identifies when your front wheels and rear wheels take different paths on flat ground.

Before we make any adjustments, we'll explain your car's alignment needs and all related costs. After we've expertly performed our alignment work, you can enjoy comfortable drives for the next year.


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