Winter Tires or All-Season Tires - Which Do You Need?

Tires play an important role in keeping your vehicle on the road and having the correct kind of tires can be extremely important not just for a smooth ride and good fuel economy but also to provide the safest ride possible. Do you know the difference between winter tires and all-season tires? Our team members at Bowman Commercial are available to show you our tires and help you decide which tire will be best for your vehicle.

Winter tires are best for driving on snow-covered winter roads because they have deeper tread patterns and designs that provide the best traction. All-season tires can be used year-round but may not provide the traction you need on snow-covered roads but will perform great on summer roads wet roads or roads with only a little amount of snow.

Pay us a visit at our Clarkston dealership, check out our huge tire selection, and allow us to help you choose the right tires.



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