Rear-view mirrors that are able to dim automatically is such a nice feature to have since when driving at night, cars coming up behind you can blind you and cause some difficulty and potential danger when driving. An auto-dimming mirror is able to darken the mirror when it senses a light from the headlights of a car behind you. This is called electrochromism.

These mirrors will contain two sensors. These sensors can be either photodetectors that are photodiode-based, or else cameras. They are able to sense the upcoming headlights. This causes a reaction where a charge is sent through electrochromic gel.

Darkening happens at this point since the charge causes a reaction of oxidation-reduction. This makes the gel turn darker. This gel can be found in between two separate layers of glass that make up the mirror. This darkness reduces the affect that the light from behind can have on the driver. Luckily, this technology has become a standard feature in many cars since the 1980s.


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