Choosing the Right Truck Cab is a Key Consideration

Here at Bowman Commercial, we enjoy helping our customers to choose the right truck for their personal circumstances. When the time comes to make a truck buying decision, prospective buyers face many different options and choices. One such option that is very important to consider is the cab style of the truck in question. Most truck cabs come in one of three basic types, and these include Standard, Quad Cab, and Crew.

Crew Trucks are generally the largest type of pickup truck. They have shorter beds but make up for this with full-size interiors that feature four independent doors. Passengers in these types of cabs enjoy travel conditions comparable to those of a comfortable sedan.

The next major style of truck Is the Quad Cab. It offers some of the benefits of full-size trucks and some of the space-saving features of smaller trucks. Most Quad Cab trucks have two full front doors that fold over two recessed rear doors. This gives rear passengers some level of movement in and out of the vehicle, and also allows for a modest rear seating area.

The third major style of Is the Standard. This style is endemic to smaller trucks and features two full doors and a single front seating bench. The Standard truck offers equal amounts of bed space, and thus make good choices for moving various materials.



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