Exhaust leaks can lead to nastier problems!

Given how the weather can fluctuate so much in Clarkston, it’s important to be able to spot the problems that this kind of thermal expansion and rough climate unpredictability can be. Did you know that leaks can develop in your exhaust system?

Below are four common symptoms of leaking exhaust.
1.) Reduced performance – You may see a drop in gas mileage, which until it gets severe, can be difficult to spot. This is a culmination of other problems.
2.) Hissing or popping noises – As air, water and other fluids and gases invade your exhaust system, you may hear hisses and pops from the muffler, and from the engine.
3.) Vibration – As things get loose, and fuel imbalances occur, your timing may vibrate, and your loosening components may begin to rattle.
4.) Leaks – You may also spot small leaks, which aren’t oil nor antifreeze, nor condensation. These may be signs your cylinder gaskets are bad, and your exhaust is contaminated.

Don’t wait for these problems to get worse, come see us at Bowman Commercial today, and nip it in the bud.



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