We appreciate you at Bowman Commercial, so we share our extensive automotive knowledge. Let's explore your car's belts and hoses today. Follow our advice to help your vehicle drive around Clarkston, MI as long as possible.

Your auto's belts help it function. They combine with pulleys to motivate your power-steering pump, air compressor, fan, alternator, and other engine accessories. Also, your critical timing belt helps your engine's valves and pistons stay synchronized. These belts turn whenever you run your car, so they eventually require replacement. Replacing your timing belt before it breaks will help you avoid engine damage.

Hoses also play important roles in your car's ensemble. They move water, coolant or fluid mixtures to crucial points. These hoses consist of rubber or metal. The hose's purpose determines its material. Due to time and mileage, these materials crack or rust, so replacement is inevitable. Your automobile's manual will recommend when to replace your belts and hoses.

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