Are Summer Tires Better a Better Choice Than All-Season Tires?

Our team at Bowman Commercial wanted to help inform our customers to the differences in summer and all-season tires. The advantages of summer tires in warmer weather include improved braking, handling, and grip to the road.

The unique tread pattern of the summer tires have been manufactured to move water off the road easily and quickly. The faster the water can be dispersed, the less of a chance the car will hydroplane.

The summer tires have fewer grooves in the tread compared to those in the all-season tires. This helps to increase the contact with the road, improving overall road handling.

The compounds used to make the summer tires provide more flexibility, getting more of the trad on the road to increase traction.

Be sure to schedule a tire inspection with Bowman Commercial so our crew has the opportunity to look for issues with the treads that could cause issues on the road.
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