When Should You Have Your Ignition Serviced?

Without a properly functioning ignition, your vehicle is going nowhere fast. That is why we here at Bowman Commercial located in Clarkston, MI want to give you two quick tips about telltale signs that you should have your ignition serviced.

First, if you should ever see even a little bit of smoke coming from the ignition, you should contact a dealer immediately. This can be a result of electrical problems that should be dealt with by professionals. Second, if your starter is found to be soaked in oil, you should also seek the assistance of a qualified service center. This can be the result of a leak elsewhere in your vehicle and can shorten the lifespan of the ignition.

?If you would like to have your ignition serviced or need any other work performed on your car then be sure to give us a ring or stop on by Bowman Commercial of Clarkston today!
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