Gaskets are Little Parts with a Big Role

Hundreds of parts, big and small, go into the making of cars and trucks. Some have big roles, and others play small roles. Gaskets play both, and a car wouldn't run without gaskets. Checking out and inspecting gaskets is a big part of our automotive services at Bowman Commercial.

If your vehicle needs some gaskets replaced or you're in need of an annual checkup, call us for an appointment or stop in Clarkston and check out the services we provide. We have a huge selection of gaskets and various other automotive parts.

Gaskets play an important part because they're used to secure a bond between two surfaces so gases, fluids or liquids can't escape. While typically flat, they can be made of various materials with the most common steel, rubber, and copper. The most common automotive gaskets are head gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold gasket, and camshaft gasket.

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