An Overview of Your Winter Tire Options

When winter rolls around and the roads become icy and snowy, the team here at Bowman Commercial wants our friends and neighbors to remain safe on the road. As such, we have put together this handy guide that outlines a couple of the different types of winter tires that you can put on your vehicle.

For the harshest road conditions, studdable snow tires are the perfect option. When studs are added to these tires, they can handle just about any snow or ice that you might encounter. However, it is worth noting that because studs can damage roads, they may be restricted or banned in your state. It is a good idea to double-check before completing your purchase.

If you do happen to live in a state where studded tires aren't allowed, you can always opt for studless ice and snow tires. These tires are designed to be a more road-friendly version to the studded tire without sacrificing any performance.



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