How the Weather Influences Your Vehicle's Battery Performance

A vehicle's battery is important for optimal performance because it provides current to the engine that is needed for it to start. When your battery is weak, it will could cause problems with your starter and ignition. In addition to normal wear, extreme temperatures can also cause problems with the battery.

The winter months can be difficult on a vehicle's battery, which is especially true if the charge is weak. A battery will have to work harder when the temperatures are colder because more power is needed to start the engine. In turn, hot temperatures can cause evaporation of water to occur in the battery's electrolyte, which can significantly decrease the life of the battery.

To keep your battery protected during extreme temperatures, be sure your battery is properly connected and free of erosion. In addition, you should also get your vehicle's battery tested routinely to ensure it fully charged. If you need your battery tested, visit Bowman Commercial.

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